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The mission the Temple of Hmongism is to simplify our traditional religious practices in order to dramatically reduce time and money and to inspire future generations to proudly remain with Hmongism as their faith.
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Hmongism kev lis dab qhuas rau ntees ploj ntees tuag

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Here is the latest update of the Temple of Hmongism.

Ntawv txhawb siab

Nias qhov txuas no txog cov Is Ntawv xa tuaj txhawb Temple of Hmongism.

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Bylaws of Hmongism

In order to preserve and secure the principles of our faith, to protect the liberties of each individual member, to provide uniformly efficient spiritual and religious services at low cost to its members, to ensure freedom of action of independence from any religious group, clan or organization, to provide for orderly conduct of internal affairs, in dealing with others, and of governing its members, the Temple of Hmongism faithfully adopted these Bylaws of Temple of Hmongism.

Membership Application

Welcome to the Temple of Hmongism.  We are delighted that you have chosen to become a part of our Temple of Hmongism and its community.  We hope that you will find the services provided by Hmongism to be beneficial. We encourage you to explore the new and diverse opportunities of the Temple of Hmongism. All information in this application will be treated confidentially.

Zaj Taw Kev

[Npe], koj tuag tiag los tuag dag? Koj tuag dag no ces sawv lis tsees los nrog koj tub koj kiv ua noj ua haus. Yog koj tuag tiag no ces tig ntsej los mloog kuv txiv taw kev yuav qhia koj kev mus yeeb ceeb teb no nas.

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