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Vim Li Cas Peb Thiaj Siv Lo Lus "Hmongism"?


Hauv qab no yog cov lus teb rau tus puav kwv tij Hmoob ntsig txog qhov peb siv lo lus "Hmongism."



The fact of the matter is that a name of a group will never please everyone. We already explored many possibilities (Hmongism, Chiyouism, Sivyiism, Shamanism, Animism, Ancestor Worship), and voted for Hmongism. Here are our reasons.

(1) Hmongism is NOT a NEW religion. It is only a SIMPLIFIED VERSION of our traditional religion which we call it "Dab Qhuas Hmoob." Dab Qhuas Hmoob in English is Hmong religion. And a better term for "Hmong religion" is Hmongism. For those who resist the name Hmongism, I hope they can help me better translate Dab Qhuas Hmoob into English.

(2) If our religion is a SIMPLIFIED VERSION of our traditional one but call it a different name, imagine how much we will be attacked. For those who oppose Hmongism, please advise us what better name(s) you can offer. Wise men don't oppose or attack unless they have a better offer. 

(3) There are other people who name their religions after their people. Judaism for Jew people; Hinduism for Hindi people; Sikhism for Sikh people. I'm sure there are more. So why can't we name our religion after the name of our people? Educated people who have done their research favor Hmongism, unless they have political reason to oppose it.

(4) Please tell me how is Hmongism any different from Hmong Alliance Church, Hmong Lutheran Church, Hmong Catholic, Hmong ABC, Hmong Village, etc? How about "Advisors of America, Inc."? 

(5) Is "Hmong" copyrighted? 

(6) Until recently we have been led to believe that Hmong don't have a religion, only culture, custom, tradition, ancestral worship, animism, shamanism, etc. Temple of Hmongism might be one of the first, if not the first, to convincingly argue that we Hmong do have a religion, a very good one. We believe the spiritual world from birth to death to reincarnation. We have our original sin and our God penalized us with sickness and death. We have it all. And we are proud to call it Hmongism.

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